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To All Parents and Students,

Since student safety is our highest priority, we would like to remind you of safe practices to use in our parking lot. It is very important that students exit/enter vehicles from the passenger side making their way to/from the school doors. Using the driver’s side door could put students in a position to be struck by passing traffic. Additionally, the arc by the flagpole, the entry area to the main/lower school building, can become congested during morning drop-off and pick-up so please take extra care. 

Here are a few safety reminders:

  • Traffic in the arc should be single file and there should be no parking at any time. This area is for drop-off/pick-up only. 
  • The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph, which is approximately walking speed.
  • Pedestrians, especially children, always have the right of way, followed by school buses.
  • In the parking lot, traffic in the two southernmost lanes (closest to the fence) is inbound, and in the northernmost lane (closest to the building) is outbound.
  • There is no afternoon parking along the playground fence line until after 3:30 p.m. when the buses have left for the day.
  • Cell phone use should be minimal, to allow for your best attention to pedestrian traffic on the parking lot, and  be limited to communicating your whereabouts with your student exiting the building.   

These instructions are in the best interest and for the safety of students and should to be followed with care.  We appreciate your attention and further use of these procedures.


David Sellers,

Facilities Director

Fifteen years ago, CheryCherylRockl Driesen began her relationship with Village Academy as a parent of her young son, Jim, who was starting preschool. Coming from a successful, fast-paced fashion career in New York City and Europe, Cheryl moved back to her home state of Ohio to care for several of her family members and needed an exceptional school for her son to begin preschool. She volunteered at Village Academy until knowledge of her background in marketing surfaced and the faculty realized she would be an asset to VA.  Over the next 10 years she held positions in the front office, admissions and marketing before becoming the Director of Development. After four years in her current position, Cheryl’s last day with Village Academy was Friday, August 28, 2015.

As a Director of Development, Cheryl’s primary responsibility was to bridge the financial gap between tuition income and operating costs of Village Academy. Building strong, trusting relationships with stakeholders and the Powell community was the key to success in this position and Cheryl thrived.  Her enthusiasm for the students and her community showed through in her work.

Now that retirement has begun, Cheryl plans to continue to travel to Italy and other parts of Europe with her son, Jim.  While working for Calvin Klein and other fashion companies, Cheryl got a glimpse of life in Europe and can now travel for pleasure rather than business.  Also, Jim has a passion and talent for sculpting so the history and art of Italy are never taken for granted.  Here in the states, Cheryl plans to continue playing golf and singing in a jazz band for private venues, which she has been doing for 25 years!

After sitting down one-on-one, Cheryl expressed what she cherished most about her time at Village Academy. “It has been an honor and a privilege, not only to have met and worked with parents, but to watch the kids grow up.  There is a reason why so many tears are shed at graduation.”  Cheryl will miss the relationships she has built throughout her years at Village Academy most of all.  However, Cheryl may be out of her office, but she is not gone from our community.  She hopes to keep in touch with her VA family and continue seeing the students flourish.  We wish her the best of luck and no matter where her retirement journey takes her, she’ll always have a home at Village Academy.

Morgan C. was selected as a finalist in the fourth annual Shearer Perfection Student Contest for Young Inventors and honored for his invention on July 24th.

This annual competition is open to students in grades 4-8 in the Ohio and Greater Pittsburgh, PA area who accept the challenge of inventing a product from used Shearer’s snack products. Morgan constructed a windsock by reusing the company’s empty potato chip bags and was selected as one of 25 semifinalists, along with several other Village Academy students. The contest required a video submission, press release photo, and the invention sent to the National Museum of Education for a panel review, located in Akron, Ohio.  Each student was judged on how creatively they chose to repurpose the used product containers in an environmentally friendly way.

ShearersAwardCeremony_MorganAt the end of June, Morgan received a letter from Shearer’s, congratulating him on earning one of the seven finalist positions in the competition.  Morgan, along with his family and science teacher, Missy Fendrick, were invited to attend an awards ceremony in Massillon, Ohio, on July 24th. At the ceremony, Morgan received an honorable mention and was awarded $600 to show that his hard work had paid off.  Following the ceremony, the finalists and guests took a tour of the Shearer’s factory to get a personal view of the company’s dedication to their employees, customers and surrounding community. Through this experience, Morgan and Shearer’s Snacks proved that committing to a clean and healthy environment can be both fun and rewarding.

20150522-_EAM9606Several new pieces of legislation were considered in the 2015 session of the Third Grade General Assembly which took place on Friday, May 22.  The second grade class looked on from the gallery as third grade congressional leaders gave thoughtful consideration and spirited debate to bills that were presented and voted on in both the House (Ms. Wasil’s class) and Senate (Ms. Jones’ class).20150522-_EAM9613

The Bill of Griffin Grill and Friday Time Bill passed easily through both chambers with little debate. The Bussing Time Bill passed by a narrow margin while the Soccer Bill failed to garner enough votes to pass out of session. The Education Bill and the Bill of Fun stalled in the Senate, but Representatives Thompson, Sela, and Wells who co-sponsored the Bill of Fun promised they would make changes to the bill and reintroduce it at a later date. “A second recess is just too important to kids today, and we will not give up on passing this important piece of legislation” said Representative Thompson.


Valedictorian2Village Academy proudly announced the 2015 Valedictorian at the annual Academic Awards ceremony on May 18, 2015. Congratulations to James Reed McGraw for all of his accomplishments throughout his Upper School career. Reed plans to attend The Ohio State University in the Fall where he will not only participate in the Honors College, but Swim for the OSU team. Reed, your VA family wishes you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors! #GriffinPride



Joey Edgington, 11th Grade, has been competitively selected to represent the State of Ohio as a delegate to the Global Youth Institute and World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa, in October of this year. Joey’s research concerns the challenges of rapidly increasing urbanization in Brazil and his paper outlines a possible solution to some of the problems in Brazil’s overcrowded cities. He submitted his findings in a formal essay in March and, after scrutiny by expert readers from academia, he was invited to defend his ideas at the Ohio Youth Institute, held in the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center at OSU on April 17th.

Between 80 and 90 students were dispersed to nine separate seminar sessions where each of them presented their material to a panel of three judges. Students were asked follow-up questions after each presentation, giving an opportunity to share more information about their research. Based on their papers and presentations, approximately twelve students were selected for in-depth, ten minute interviews with a team of judges.

In spite of stiff competition, Joey made it to the interview stage where he experienced a further round of questioning. After much deliberation, based on the research papers, presentations and interviews, the judges selected Joey to join over 300 high school students and teachers for the three-day conference in Iowa. Joey will have the opportunity to interact with Nobel and World Food Prize laureates and over 1000 global leaders from 75 countries attending the World Food Prize’s annual international symposium.

In partnership with ARMADA Ltd., Village Academy will be participating in an Active Threat Response Full Scale Exercise on Monday April 20th beginning at 1:30pm.  Village Academy has been presented with the unique opportunity to conduct this exercise in partnership with our community stakeholders; Powell Police Department, Liberty Township Fire, Delaware County Sheriff and Delaware County Emergency Management Agency.  This Full Scale Exercise is another step Village Academy is taking to ensure preparedness of our Students, Faculty and extended Village Academy family.

As you know, Active Threat Response is one of the incidents that the Emergency Operations Team prepares for as part of our All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan. This Full Scale Exercise will include both the Administrators (Emergency Operations Team) and all teachers. The teachers will be provided an opportunity to practice the action steps they could employ in the event of an active threat situation. The Emergency Operations Team plans to practice both the immediate action steps as well as test the Emergency Operations Plan as it relates to notification, response, recovery and reunification.

We are providing this notice to you to ease any concerns and quash any rumors that may spread during exercise play on Monday April 20th.


The third Ohio K-12th Chinese Speech and Essay Contest was held at Cleveland State University on Saturday, April 11, 2015. The five speech contestants from Village Academy lower school had an outstanding performance…in fact, they dominated the K-5 group! Aadhya M. and Rishi B. won third place, Daniel B. and Andrew S. won second place, and Raaghav M. won the first place award. Our students won five of the six total awards for the elementary level. Congratulations to all our winners! ‪#‎GriffinPride‬

It may have been spring break, but for some Griffins, Saturday, March 21, was a day of fierce scientific competition at the North Central District Science Day.

The North Central District Science Day is a program of the Junior Academy of The Ohio Academy of Science, and is held at The Ohio State University at Marion, in conjunction with the Marion Area Science & Engineering Fair.

All students in grades 5-12 who earn a Superior rating in their local, city, or county Science Days, and who are enrolled in any school in the district (including home schooling), are eligible to enter the North Central District Science Day.

Students compete at North Central District Science Day for an opportunity to participate in State Science Day, to be held at the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University on May 16, 2015.
Several Village Academy Students spent the day at the OSU Marion campus presenting their science projects. The following is a list of awards and accolades earned by the VA students. (in order of presentation):
U.S. Forestry Award – Mukund Seshadri
Best 10th Grade Project – Srinath Seshadri
Best Team Project – Madeline Fuller/Anjali Dubbaka
Best Environmental Science Project – Mukund Seshadri
U.S Navy and Marines Medal – Mukund Seshadri
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratories Award – Srinath Seshadri
An Invitation to compete in the Broadcomm Masters – Mukund Seshadri
Superior Ratings – Mukund Seshadri, Srinath Seshadri, and Madeline Fuller/Anjali Dubbaka

Earning an invitation to compete at INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair – Madeline Fuller/Anjali Dubbaka, and Srinath Seshadri
As a side note, the INTEL ISEF is going to take place in Pittsburgh on Thursday, May 14, and is open to the public.

Earning an invitation to compete at the Ohio State Science Day – Mukund Seshadri, Madeline Fuller/Anjali Dubbaka, Srinath Seshadri, and Mateen Afkami.

All in all, a very good day for our Griffins! #GriffinPride

Congratulations to all who competed!

Click here to see the full results.

Sean_MiaOn March 4, 2015 the Associated Press announced the All-District boys and girls all-star basketball teams. These teams are selected by a media panel from the district. Village Academy is proud that two Griffins were among the names mentioned as all-stars. VA Sophomore, Mya Cordle was given an Honorable Mention for the Division IV girls basketball team while, VA senior, Sean McLoughlin was  also given an Honorable Mention for the Division IV boys basketball team.  In addition, McLoughlin was selected by the coaches of the district  to play in the District 11 all-star game that will take place on April 11, 2015 at Granville High School. Congratulations to both Mya and Sean on an outstanding basketball season! #GriffinPride